Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis: A Regression-Based Approach

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Part I: Fundamental Concepts. Introduction. A Scientist in Training. Questions of Whether, If, How, and When. Conditional Process Analysis. Correlation, Causality, and Statistical Modeling. Statistical Software. Overview of this Book. Chapter Summary. Simple Linear Regression. Correlation and Prediction. The Simple Linear Regression Equation. Statistical Inference. Assumptions for Interpretation and Statistical Inference. Chapter Summary. Multiple Linear Regression. The Multiple Linear Regression Equation. Partial Association and Statistical Control. Statistical Inference in Multiple Regression. Statistical and Conceptual Diagrams. Chapter Summary. Part II: Mediation Analysis. The Simple Mediation Model. Estimation of the Direct, Indirect, and Total Effects of X. Example with Dichotomous X: The Influence of Presumed Media Influence. Statistical Inference.In Example with Continuous X: Economic Stress among Small Business Owners. Chapter Summary. Multiple Mediator Models.


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