Motivational Enhancement Techniques: Working with Patients with Opioid & Substance Use Disorders or High Risk Use MAT Waiver T

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WORKING WITH PATIENTS WITH SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS OR HIGH RISK This optional online course opportunity is made possible through a joint partnership with University of Virginia School of Medicine (UVASOM) and Nursing (SON) and the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP), DATA 2000 sponsor. This content was created by the AAAP and has been used with permission. The course consists of one 1-hour session for healthcare providers who wish to enhance their effectiveness in treating high-risk patients or those with Substance Use Disorder. Motivational Interviewing has been quite effective in not only treating these clients but many other clients with other chronic illnesses as well. This webinar will discuss Motivational Enhancement Techniques to assist clinicians in treating patients with opioid substance use disorders. The session includes a pre and post self-assessment and one recorded audio session.


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