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How to act when too many search results / products / etc. are available? Do you provide your website visitors with old school pagination, infinite scroll or a load more button?

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is User experience

User experience (UX or UE) is about how a user interacts with, and experiences, a particular product,...

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is assesed in UI cheat sheet: pagination, infinite scroll and the load more button

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In this cheat sheet we will be looking at these three patterns in detail and how they load content on...

is assesed in Infinite Scrolling, Pagination Or “Load More” Buttons? Usability Findings In eCommerce

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What is the best UX pattern to display products on an e-commerce website: pagination, a “Load more” b...

is treated in Pagination | GraphQL

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A common use case in GraphQL is traversing the relationship between sets of objects. There are a numb...

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