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4 rating 3 level 5 clarity 6 user's background

First available "comprehensive" review
Quite superficial, ad hoc. Sometimes the language was unclear.
It gives general overview that at this time is not available elsewhere, but its quality is poor.

8 rating 5 level 8 clarity 4 user's background

Good details, open source
First paper to combine CNN and LSTM for activity recognition

5 rating 7 level 6 clarity 5 user's background

Simple deep learning architecture.
Loads of text, but not much of it concentrates on the LSTM part that was innovative in this paper.
This is the first application of CNNs + LSTMs to activity prediction from mobile sensors as such deep learning here is fairly straightforward. A paper for mostly historical purposes.
jjones accepted Add resource "If not SPAs, What?"
jjones published Add resource "If not SPAs, What?"

10 rating 1 level 10 clarity 3 user's background

Awesome piece on local-first software and CRDTs.
Quite long, but totally worth it!
janarez accepted Edit topic "Business Logic Components (BLoC)"
janarez published Edit topic "Business Logic Components (BLoC)"

8 rating 3 level 7 clarity 5 user's background

Succinct overview.
A good resource to get idea how state can be handled in Flutter apps.
janarez accepted Add topic "Flutter state management"
janarez published Add topic "Flutter state management"

9 rating 2 level 9 clarity 5 user's background

Engaging read, loads of examples. Simple introduction to the idea.
Quite long (but still enjoyable).
If you want to learn about the local-first software idea, this is the first "go to" article.